How do I use the unloading selector?

Determine whether the answers to the questions are either high or low and answer using the buttons on the left hand side.

The Unloading Selector is intended to serve as a helpful tool for beginning the process of selection of a gas-well deliquification system. The information herein is not comprehensive; therefore Weatherford recommends consultation with an authorized Weatherford artificial-lift representative for selection of the best system for the specific application.

Note: If you have high FTP, all efforts should be made to produce the well at the lowest possible pressure first.

How do I know whether my gas wells need unloading?

Recognizing the early signs of gas-well liquid loading and proactively selecting the right lift system can cure the problem before production loss and possible formation damage occur.

The three most common symptoms of liquid loading:

Pressure differential between tubing and casing in packerless completions
Liquid slugging and/or reduced gas production
Variance from predicted production-decline curve

The Unloading Selector uses four primary production parameters to select the most effective and economical lift solution for your gas-well unloading needs.