CygNet Administrator Training

DatesLocationPriceStatusSeats AvailableRegistrationLocation Detail
Jul 23-Jul 24, 2020 Katy, TX $ 1400 Open20 Registration
Aug 06-Aug 07, 2020 Katy, TX $ 1400 Open19 Registration
Sep 03-Sep 04, 2020 San Luis Obipso, CA $ 1400 Closed0
Nov 05-Nov 06, 2020 Katy, TX $ 1400 Open20 Registration
Dec 10-Dec 11, 2020 Katy, TX $ 1400 Open19 Registration

The CygNet administrator course provides students with a thorough understanding of CygNet services and their inter-relationships. Students will also learn about service configuration, adding services, client-to-service and service-to-service communication, system security, managing UDCs, version management, backup and restore procedures, installing upgrades, license management, system maintenance and system troubleshooting.

Course Description:
The CygNet SCADA administrator course is a hands-on course. Each student will have a small CygNet SCADA system in which to configure administrative level functions such as domain settings, security implementation, creating backup and restore functions, as well as installing and updating the latest CygNet patches. Students will look at different ways to implement and view logging and the setup of intersystem replication.

Target Audience:
CygNet SCADA advanced users and administrators


  • CygNet configuration course
  • Use of standard Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel
  • Familiarity with VB Script or other scripting/programming language preferred

Course Contents:

  • Understand service configuration options
  • Understand service relationships
  • Troubleshooting CygNet component communication problems (client-service and service-service)
  • Understand the use of service monitoring service points
  • Understand error and log messages
  • Learn to setup applications for version management
  • Implement system security
  • Configure data replication
  • Backup and restore services
  • Install upgrades/patches
  • Learn administrator utilities

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