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Combining decades of Weatherford production experience with advanced analytics, cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT), our secure platform connects the entire production ecosystem to help you maximize performance throughout your reservoir, wells, and surface facilities.



Maintenance Plan

9 Wells

Predicted to fail


This production optimization platform provides well-management tools to help you pinpoint and prioritize production issues. Our advanced data analytics give you foresight for developing a proactive optimization plan.

  • Focus on what matters most

    Devote more time to proactively optimizing performance rather than looking for problems. Our real-time monitoring, fully configurable intelligent alarms, and intuitive user interface give you the tools to manage by exception and make informed decisions.

  • Predict failures to maximize uptime

    Extend mean time between failures (MTBF) with a complete daily checkup. Our ForeSite platform uses predictive analytics to track the condition of your lift system. With just a few mouse clicks, you can forecast potential problems and pull up a heat map to display concentrations of historical and predicted failures.

  • Reduce costs with predictive analytics

    Fix minor issues before they cascade into bigger problems. The ForeSite platform helps you predict failure by lift component, so you can proactively dispatch your maintenance crews when needed to reduce downtime and associated production losses.

  • Select the right lift at the right time

    The right form of lift isn’t a single answer. Our ForeSite platform uses current and projected data—including in-flow and completion modeling, fluid properties, PVT analysis, and flow dynamics—to help you anticipate problems and design the optimal lift solution for every stage in the life of your well.

  • Plan ahead for virtually any scenario

    Develop a back-up plan with what-if scenarios. Our ForeSite platform helps you to develop a contingency plan for any production situation. You can investigate potential failure conditions downhole or in the surface system and develop proactive responses to minimize impacts to production.


Performance Issues

7 Wells



Weatherford has harnessed the power of historical trending, real-time data, and physics-based models into an intuitive and visual interface. Our smart data analysis gives you actionable information to help you continuously optimize performance.

  • Stay alert to production problems anytime, anywhere

    Know immediately when performance parameters pass critical limits. The ForeSite platform monitors real-time data and generates intelligent alerts when it detects significant changes in setpoints or trends. Users can respond to alarms and send commands directly to the well. Alerts go anywhere you go, including mobile devices.

  • Detect performance issues through pattern matching

    Your well performance issues have met their match. The ForeSite platform uses dynamometer card pattern matching to recognize atypical pump behavior. By comparing your well dynamometer characteristics with an extensive card library, the ForeSite platform can help you diagnose key factors behind the performance of each well.

  • Enhance lift performance throughout the life of your well

    Change is constant in the life of every well. With a capacity to store more than 10,000 cards per rod pump, the ForeSite historian can collect data at any frequency, in accordance with your analytical needs. To help you diagnose gradual performance changes over time, the system can overlay several historical cards at once.

  • Tune well performance by analyzing multisource data

    Fine tune your models to reduce OPEX in the field. Our ForeSite platform uses physics-based models of your wells to identify potential threats to production. These models, based on the performance of thousands of wells and automatically tuned by real-time data, give you actionable intelligence for optimizing output.

  • Improve pump efficiency with proprietary calculations

    Optimize rod-pump operations in dynamic conditions. Our patented modified Everitt-Jennings algorithm, in combination with the Gibbs method, provides load computations at multiple points along the rod string. Our comprehensive calculation engine helps you evaluate rod stress and recognize atypical downhole conditions.


Lift Performance




Installed and maintained with the ease of a web-based system, our platform enables  seamless data integration from any source, and provides a user-friendly interface for  enterprise-wide production optimization.

  • Scale up without limits

    Growth or complexity is never a constraint. OpenStack elasticity gives the ForeSite platform unparalleled scalability that spans from a few wells to multi-asset projects. Flexible in every respect, our system accommodates growth across your enterprise and across geographic borders.

  • Prevent data loss and minimize exposure

    Install a secure system that hinders cyber-attacks. Our ForeSite platform enables secure communication while providing separation between process controls and the business network. Fully compliant with security best practices, this system maintains legacy access and control authority from your existing systems.

  • Implement a platform that is powerful and easy-to-maintain

    Thin out your installation and maintenance issues. The ForeSite platform is a web-based (HTML5) system that offers cost efficient cloud or on-premises implementation.

  • Take your optimization platform anywhere you go

    Keep the important details at your fingertips. Available anywhere you want it—from desktops to tablets to mobile devices—the responsive ForeSite platform provides fast, intuitive displays that relay customized opportunities, notifications, and KPIs whenever and wherever you need them.

  • Integrate your in-house systems to empower decision making

    Combine the power of multiple data systems. Our ForeSite platform offers bidirectional integration with in-house data mart, workover, finance, and historian systems to broaden your view of the enterprise. This single platform displays critical information in one place, to help you identify opportunities throughout your business.

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We build experience into our ForeSite platform, and we match that experience with production advisors, who are ready to assist you at any time.

Our Production Advisor solution provides skilled personnel, expertise, and sound engineering strategies for any asset, at any stage of development.


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