Integrated Remediation for Extended Field Recovery

Get the experience and technology needed to successfully recover reserves yielding well performance and cost savings.
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Precisely locate casing problems such as casing leaks, water production sources, wellbore obstructions, and bypassed production zones for casing repairs.

Cased-hole wireline logging services pinpoint casing problems, water-production sources, wellbore obstruction and bypassed production opportunities. Our FluxView® casing integrity tool and CalView™ multi-sensor caliper tool enables the location of internal and external casing defects such as corrosion, scale, wear, and deformations.

Prepare the wellbore for remediation—quickly, effectively, and thoroughly.

Featuring the industry’s most comprehensive line of fishing, milling, and pulling tools, our fishing services get the job done right the first time. Then, Weatherford CLEARMAX™ wellbore cleaning service removes any unwanted debris and prepares your well for the liner with chemical, mechanical and hydraulic technologies.

Isolate mature-field challenges and permanently assure wellbore integrity.

Solid-expandable liners provide a permanent fix that restores wellbore integrity and saves money—giving you an extra margin of safety for the long run. Our MetalSkin® cased-hole liners isolate damaged casing while sealing off unwanted perforations. This system is ideal for perforation isolations, water shutoffs, blocking other formation fluids and a more permanent solution than cement squeezes. With single-trip installation and no required drillout, both rig and nonproductive time are significantly reduced. In many cases, liners can be installed in one day, enabling production to resume quickly.

Recomplete the well and recover the reserves.

Cased-hole completion services offer a full suite of technologies—including the latest in packers, flow controls and subsurface-safety and control valves. Coupling the right technology with in-house engineering expertise enables an effective and efficient well completion.